Here at BodylineUk we understand that the decision to change your appearance through cosmetic surgery can be very overwhelming. It is important to recognise that for all cosmetic procedures there is a necessary healing phase and choosing the right compression garment can help to ensure that you have a smooth and comfortable recovery post operatively.

We offer a variety of specialised styles available in 10 sizes from 3XS to 4XL. We ensure we have the right garment for each customer.

Experienced international plastic surgeons have recommended our Brands to post operative patients in the United States, Canada and now in the UK and Europe with the recent launch of BodylineUk

Consistent wear of a correctly-fitted compression garment provides targeted compression and support to relieve post-operative discomfort, promote the rapid healing of underlying tissues and in cases damaged skin, with appropriate skin treatments. In addition to this correctly fitted compression garments reduce swelling while alleviating more serious complications such as haematoma, seroma and fibrosis. Patients consistently have better results when using leading brands following surgical or aesthetic procedures.